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[[Korra stands on the pavement in flip flops and her team swim uniform, towel slung over her shoulder as she gazes upon the crystal clear water, and dozens of students wading and splashing amidst it. She streches out her back, and does a few toe touches, before throwing her towel and kicking off her flip flops to a nearby beach chair. The sporty girl looks behind her, and sees a familiar face... you! She smiles, obviously pretty glad to have somebody else to play with.]]

Last one in's a rotten egg! [[She shouts, cannon-balling into the water immediately, and splashing all within a decent 4 foot radius. Ready for a dip?]]
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[Seira has managed, for the most part, to stay apart from her fellow students thus far. Silly girls, the lot of them. Laughable, if they didn't irritate her so. And she's to spend an entire summer in their company before the actual year begins? What a waste of time....

Well, only if she makes it one.

Sitting alone in the dining hall, her meal all but untouched, Seira sips primly at a cup of tea and watches her surroundings with dispassionate interest. There's a seat open at her table, however, should anyone wish to make a new acquaintance.]


May. 26th, 2012 04:21 pm
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[ the school grounds are swamped with cargo-filled vehicles, and people all around are exchanging teary-eyed goodbyes with family members and lugging heavy bags full of their belongings around. it's going to be a busy day of settling in, newcomers, but you can probably commiserate and help each other bring in your belongings, before relaxing outside with ice cream that the RAs are giving out as a reward for your efforts. fun times! ]
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Welcome to Achtenberg!

We hope you'll enjoy your school experience here ♥

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